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Renting a property from Norrrow Estates couldn't be simpler! Have a look at our available list, if there's something you like the look of, email or phone us for an appointment. If it's the place for you, we just ask that you fill in our tenancy application form and pay a small administration fee. Processing your application usually only takes a couple of days, then it's just sign the tenancy agreement pay your (refundable) deposit & first month's rent & the keys are yours!


Deposit In addition to the first month’s rent, you will be required to pay upon the signing of the Tenancy Agreement, a deposit of at least the equivalent of one month’s rent.  The deposit is held by your Landlords against any dilapidations, expenses or arrears arising at the termination of your tenancy.  Your deposit will be returned, without interest, within fourteen days from the date of vacation, subject there being no rent arrears or dilapidation matters. 


Rent Payment

All rent is payable in advance, whether demanded or not, preferably by standing order. Standing Order mandates can be issued at the commencement of the tenancy and should be completed and returned in good time for the next rent due date.  A further mandate is available upon request and this is the most convenient method of paying your rent.  Should you not be in a position to pay by Standing Order you may pay by cheque;  this should be made payable to Norrow Estates Limited and sent to: -Norrow Estates Limited, 5 Paradise Square, Sheffield S1 2DE  Please ensure that your name, address and tenancy reference is written on the back of the cheque. In the event that you fall into arrears on payment of rent during your tenancy, appropriate steps will be taken to recover all outstanding monies.  This could involve action being taken against you in a Court of Law and may result in you being served by the Judge with an Order for Possession, which will result in you being required to vacate the property.  In addition, if legal action is taken against you, legal costs may be incurred by you.  If you experience difficulty in keeping up with rental payments, it is vital that you notify this office at the earliest opportunity.


Notice Provisions

The tenancy is granted for a fixed term and may be brought to an end at the conclusion of this term by your landlord giving to you no less than two months’ written notice.You are normally required to give one month’s notice in writing of your intention to vacate; however, individual tenancy agreements should be checked for exact notice requirements.  If less notice is given by the tenant than the minimum notice required, the landlord reserves the right to continue to charge rent up to the date that the minimum notice period would have expired. Once you have given or been given notice, arrangements will be made for a Norrow Estates Limited representative to meet you at the property to check the property out.  It will be necessary for you to have removed all of your personal possessions and for the property to be left in a clean and tidy condition, including any garden area.


Inventory An inventory of the property contents, fixtures and fittings will normally have been prepared.  Where this is the case, this will be checked at the commencement of your tenancy and the inventory shall be attached to your tenancy agreement.  It is important that you take care in checking the inventory and any schedule of condition at this stage and report in writing any discrepancies to our office within 5 days of occupation.  This document will form the basis of any dilapidations claim by your Landlord at the end of the tenancy. 


Keys A complete set of keys are handed over at the commencement of the tenancy. During office hours spare keys are available in the event that you lock yourself out. A spare key can be collected from our office and must be returned within 24 hours.   Should this happen outside office hours you are required, at your own expense, to call out John the Locksmith on 07973 858 395  Any costs incurred in making good any damage caused to the property as a result of you re-gaining access will also be your responsibility


Property Visits Norrow Estates Limited will periodically carry out internal inspections of the property.  The purpose of these is to check the condition of the property, its cleanliness, garden maintenance and the way in which the tenancy generally is being conducted.  A mutually convenient appointment will always be made in advance with you.  You are reminded that you are obliged to allow access to the property for the purpose of these inspections and failure to do so will contravene the terms of your tenancy agreement, and may result in action being taken against you.


Pets Pets are not allowed unless either your landlord or his Agent gives written permission.  In the event that permission is granted and pets become a nuisance to neighbours/others your landlord reserves the right to insist that the pets are removed from the property.



Tenants are reminded that in accordance with the terms of their tenancy agreement, it is not permitted to carry out any act that may become a nuisance or inconvenience to the Landlord or the occupiers of neighbouring houses.It is not permitted to play any musical instruments, radio, television or other machine for playing recorded sound, which can be heard outside the property between 11.00p.m. and 7.30 a.m.


Utilities You are responsible for the connection of all utilities, i.e. gas, electricity, water, telephone. Meter readings will be taken by Norrow Estates Limited at the check-in and check-out; however, it is your responsibility to notify the appropriate supply companies of your moving in and moving out date. It is your responsibility to pay Council Tax direct to the local authority.


Repairs Where necessary, we arrange for repairs to be done to the property, using either a reputable contractor appointed by ourselves, or your own preferred tradesman.

TV License It is your responsibility to obtain a television license.


Insurance You are responsible for insuring your own personal effects and furnishings.  As Letsure Agents we can provide  competitively priced cover for your belongings taken into our rented accommodation. 


Burglary Should the property be burgled during the tenancy you should immediately contact the Police, make a note of their Crime Reference Number and contact Norrow Estates Limited at  the first possible opportunity.


Repairs In the first instance, report all repairs to Norrow Estates by email or phone. We will deal with the repair as quickly as possible. In the event of a genuine out of hours emergency you may wish to contact one of our contractors directly on the numbers given in your tenancy information pack.


Administration Fee We charge £120 (incVAT) administration fee for each new tenancy. This covers the cost of referencing, credit checking & drawing up your agreement. A renewal fee of just £24 (inc VAT) is charged for renewing your tenancy.

Click here to download a doc file of our tenancy application form.


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